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Mike Irwin

I didn’t know the Micro-TC program existed – until Kirk told me about it. He did all the work; all I had to do was sign a few documents. A couple of months later my partner and I each received a $5,000 credit. It was awesome!

Paula Turpen

When I met Kirk he told me that if I had enough qualified expenditures; I could earn $10,000. Sure enough, when all was said and done I received a $10,000 credit next year; it was great – I had no idea the program existed until Kirk told me; thank you...

Anand Karney

When I met Kirk; he reviewed my information and told me that he could file some paperwork and I should receive $10,000 in tax credits. It sounded too good to be true. But, I went along with it and sure enough – over two years time, I received credits totaling...