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For over 25 years, I have been helping business keep track of all the money a business is earning and spending. It is OK to say you don’t understand how to keep track of all the income and expenses for your business.  That is why I can help and we will help your get a handle on your business finances that will add money to your bottom line that will be much greater than your investment in our services.

QuickBooks is the #1 small business accounting software.  Over the years I have personally helped over a 100 businesses set up their accounting system using the QuickBooks program.

There are three factors which make me better than nearly everyone when it comes to QuickBooks Support

I use QuickBooks extensively in my own business. In my own business I am responsible for a myriad of accounting functions including:

  1. payroll check calculations as well as
  2. tracking time (time = services rendered) to bill my customers for, and
  3. finally I track sales transactions as I am responsible for the preparation of sales tax returns.

Most CPAs don’t use QuickBooks in their own businesses so they are not familiar with all its features

Here are Three Reasons you should be using QuickBooks in your business:

First – sales tax

As a sales Tax Permit holder, it is important that you know “what you need to know” about the sales tax regulations relevant to your business and that your businesses’ accounting systems are adequate to keep you in compliance with regulations.

Second – payroll

QuickBooks can be invaluable to your business for payroll.

  • Calculating the paychecks owed to various employees for the work they do for you
  • Paying in the taxes owed as they are owed,
  • Reporting to the different governmental authorities correctly.

Third – information

QuickBooks reports can be customized to provide for you reports which give you valuable information which you can use to run your business better.

If you need support with QuickBooks, you can call me (rather than QuickBooks technical support) and I can provide nearly instantaneous help for you. I use a remote access program called “Go To Assist”.  Using this service, I can, in 45 to 60 seconds, be literally “knocking at your computer’s door waiting for you to “let me in” to see your computer.  Once access is granted, I am looking at your computer, seeing what you see.  The ability to see and discuss problems in real-time saves us both time and money–time that could be put to use by you talking with me, telling me your problems so I can work on solving them.  When you need help you want it now, not sometime later in the week.  I understand your pain and want to help it go away.

Solutions I offer:

  • QuickBooks Training
  • QuickBooks Consulting
  • QuickBooks Support

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