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Business Formation

I work with you and your advisor(s) to determine if you would benefit by setting up a separate (from your sole proprietorship) business entity, in which your business would operate. I can identify for you factors which you should consider in selecting from the various forms of conducting business (as a partnership, as a C corporation, or as an S corporation) and tell you the pros and cons of each method.  I work with you and your team to make sure all your formation needs are met.

Finally, I identify the various regulatory authorities that you need to be concerned about, describe how you stay in compliance with each agency, and help you through the registration process with each agency.

When all is said and done – your business is “ready to go”.


Business Compliance

Has to do with staying in compliance with the various regulatory and financial authorities who want you to report to them about various phases of your business.  The four most common areas of compliance need are:

  1. Payroll taxes
  2. Sales taxes
  3. Income taxes
  4. Workers’ compensation insurance

In each of these areas I work with you, with me doing every facet of every task which you do not want to do or feel comfortable doing yourself. I work as your teammate to fulfill the objective of staying in compliance.

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