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The Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit Act places $2 million in reserve each year for small businesses to tap into. for 2017 there is around $3.5 million dollars available in this fund.  There was a lot of carry over from 2016 with funds set aside that were never claimed.

A small business is defined in this act most any business of 5 or fewer employees, that is either new or growing substantially year over year. There are a few exceptions as to the business type.

Most new businesses and even growing businesses that see investments in their business in the way of operating cost (fees, purchases, leases, payroll) year over year increases, qualify.  There are of course exceptions to the type of expenses, but they are few.

A business can enter the program by filing a report prior to November 1st of any year and it will allow a business to earn a tax credit of up to $10,000 over a two year period.

I can help you quickly determine if you qualify for this Tax Credit with a short meeting. If you do qualify, I will submit all paperwork for you for a small fee that will more than be paid by what you will get in return…I guarantee it.

To make an apportionment, please call me at 402-598-0840 (leave a message after business hours) or fill out the contact form if after business hours.